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Cut crease pink eye look ;)

juillet 10, 2012
For this eye look I chose to work with matte eye shadows for more of a deep dramatic look, i used a pink eye shadow  "more on the neon side" and a makeup forever eye shadow in n°92 matte purple and as usual black winged  eyeliner and mascara !! ;) enjoyy ! !

Tropical sunset !!

juillet 09, 2012
Since it's summer I decided to do this fun make up look : it's a mix between a warm shade of orange , a satin finish purple and black accented shadow , i also  used a blue pencil liner to line my water line and  finished it with a winged eye liner and black mascara .

Ps: you can also add a pair of false lashes and a thin line of purple glitter liner to add more drama to the look. .

YES another love of mine !!!

By the time i discovered the anti spot 4in1 cream wash (reviewed previously ) i also got the moisturizer from the same line "pure skin "  :

The formula is pretty amazing and  definitely lightweight moisturizing, as it get's through the skin it really refresh it and help get ride of the annoying red pimples ,it really reduces redness and calms irritated skin i would highly recommend this moisturizer to anyone because of it's low cost and effective result.
 My rate for this product is :5/5

First post : skin care with the german brand essence

Today i'will be presenting to you this amazing cleanser for problematic skin (acne, blackheads ...).
For the past 3 months,  i've been struggling with my acne,i've tried drugstore brands ,high end brand's , organic products.. but none of them worked on my skin until i surprisingly found the essence anti spot 4in 1 cream wash and since it wasn't that pricey i thought that i might give it shot . To be honest this is  by far the most amazing cleanser i 've ever tried it's quite thick formula applies gently on the face , the micro-beads exfoliate the skin and tighten the pores as for the  the smell it isn't that heavy but the thing  that i really liked about this product is that it can be used either as a daily cleanser ,peeling or as a mask for better result and for the price this is really outstanding !!! 

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